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If you are on this page, Welcome to Avon!

Once you have enrolled online, you will receive a Welcome Email from Avon containing your account number, district number & direct upline (mentor) information. Once you receive this email you will be able to register your personal Avon account (back office) at You will get an instant free online store. The URL defaults to your user name, You can change /yourusername if you want. Just go to Account (top right) and click on Profile. Scroll down until you see Online Store. Click Edit.

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First things you should do

Get paid by Avon, set up your Direct Deposit

Go to your back office, Under Account (top right) click on Get Paid by Avon. You can edit your direct deposit information on that page.

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Edit the delivery options for your web store

You can choose the type of delivery you want to offer customers under Web Office. Direct Delivery makes your life easier and maximizes your selling time, and also ensures that you get paid faster, through Rapid Pay Direct Deposit.

Direct Delivery orders are orders on your online store that ship from Avon directly to customers.

With Representative Delivery, you handle submitting the order on, collecting payment and delivering the order.

To set up your online store delivery options, go to your back office, Under Manage Business click on Web Office.

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Select Personalization Tool under Marketing Tools, then the Customer Preferences tab and make your choices under Global Customer Delivery Option. Remember to click Save.

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Get to know your Avon Rep Account

Spend some time in your back office, there will be training tools, FAQ and more. Click around to see everything that is in there. To get to the training tools, just go to AVON U TRAINING located on the top left. You will find all your resources there too. Next to that link is AVON SOCIAL GROUP. This is the link to Join the Facebook group, you can use any image in that group when promoting.

The Support link, top right, has an FAQ section. The FAQ are excellent. You can also contact Avon in this section.

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Download Tutorials

How to place an order via your back office

Personalize your online store

Let everyone know!
  • Tell your family and friends you are now an Avon representative.
  • Share your web store link
  • Create a Facebook page and/or group
  • Create other social media accounts, Twitter, Instagram, etc
  • Find places online to advertise

Please read or download Avon's Business Policies and Procedures for Avon Independent Sales Representatives. See page 14 for a few rules regarding Advertising & Promotion.